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Programs & Services

In the US, over 22,000 babies are stillborn every year.*  SAILS understands the pain and suffering so many families endure and provides community support services, outreach programs, fundraising opportunities and an advocacy network to help reduce the emotional and financial burdens they encounter throughout their grieving process. 

*Source: Star Legacy Foundation

Download Scorecard PDF here.

Angel Ivy Burial/Cremation Grant

Stillborn And Infant Loss SUpport 2022 Calendar.PNG

The Angel Ivy Burial/Cremation Grant was established by Sadija Smiley in memory of her daughter, Ivyanna Salene, who was born sleeping at 36 weeks in 2003, in hopes of bringing comfort to families by allowing them to grieve without the stress of paying for their unexpected loss. The grant is funded by donations and 100% of the proceeds from the SAILS Awareness Calendar. The calendar features families from across the world, sharing their journey and their precious baby(ies) to raise awareness around pregnancy and infant loss. Purchase this year’s calendar here

Want to request financial assistance?

We want you to be able to honor and say goodbye to your baby but know the burden you carry in your heart is overwhelming. So to help ease any financial strain, SAILS wants to make a contribution towards the cost of the funeral service, grave marker or urn. 

Requests are reviewed and decisions rendered within 48 hours. Approval of requests depends on availability of funds. All payments are made directly to the funeral home chosen by your family for the burial or cremation of your baby.

To request financial assistance please complete the application here. 

Want to make a donation to ease the financial burden for grieving families?

Burial costs are one of the most requested needs that families name as a tangible way to help and enable them to begin their journey towards healing. We believe that every family should be able to act in accordance with their own cultures and traditions for their baby. 

You can partner with us to provide grieving families with the support and relief needed. 

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