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Are you interested in sharing your message with survivors of pregnancy and infant loss? 

Inspiring speakers wanted!

Share your experiences and expertise with Survivors of Pregnancy and Infant Loss. 

 Stillborn And Infant Loss Support hosts our 4th Annual Survivor’s Summit on Saturday, August 27, 2022. This year’s theme is It’s a Family Affair. Our event allows women and families to share ways that they transformed their tragedies into healing. 

 Proceeds from the Summit are used to purchase a CuddleCot for a local hospital, allowing families to spend time with their baby easing the transition from saying hello to saying goodbye. We regularly share survivors’ stories and resources on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and you can learn more about SAILS at

Last Year's Speakers

Join a community of survivors, thought-leaders, mental health and grief experts, authors, and professionals.

Maryland State Delegate
Joseline Pena-Melnyk
Aleata Dawkins
LaKeith Sutton
Mylira Green
Dr. Laurena L. White

Last year's highlight video

If you want to share, we want to listen.

Scroll down to complete the call-for-speakers form but first, read these tips on making your submission stand out.

Submission Best Practices

We invite you to submit an inspiring, informative talk to join the ranks of seasoned speakers passionate about sharing their stories and bringing love, support, and unity to families impacted by the loss of their babies. We seek speakers who are willing to partner with SAILS to deliver the best possible content experience and relevance for our audience. To put it simply, SAILS speakers are bold, compassionate, and authentic.

Key Topic Areas 
  1. How loss impacts siblings

  2. How/when to tell your children

  3. Loss from a grandparent's perspective

  4. The provider's view

  5. Supporting the extended family

  • Deadline for submissions: Saturday, May 21, 2022, 11:59 pm

  • Agenda decisions finalized by May 29, 2022

  • Registration launched by June 2022 

Additional Information

SAILS will not compensate confirmed speakers for their summit participation. Speakers will be granted free summit registration for themselves and a guest, including VIP and all-access upgrades. Additionally, confirmed speakers will have access to a free exhibitor room if interested. 

SAILS expects speakers to present in an educational, inspirational, non-commercial, non-self-promotion manner. NO sales pitches are allowed during presentations. Contact us with questions. 

Vital speaker submissions feature:
  1. Actionable takeaways for attendees

  2. A clear outline of the tangible impact your talk has on attendees

  3. An understanding of the optimal audience for your content

  4. Engaging, inspiring, and fun delivery

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