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Programs & Services

In the US, over 22,000 babies are stillborn every year.*  SAILS understands the pain and suffering so many families endure and provides community support services, outreach programs, fundraising opportunities and an advocacy network to help reduce the emotional and financial burdens they encounter throughout their grieving process. 

*Source: Star Legacy Foundation

Download Scorecard PDF here.

Keepsake Boxes

Keepsake Box

From the moment someone knows they’re expecting a baby they start to make plans and look forward to their new arrival. The grief suffered through loss associated with this experience can be very hard to come to terms with so we provide a Keepsake Box. Each wooden box is engraved with a quote and comes full of items like a journal, pen, candle, teddy bear, bookmark, tea cup and tea bags.

Want to request a keepsake box for yourself or someone you know?

Keepsake boxes are one of the ways that families can cope with their grief by collecting and keeping their precious baby's mementos in a special place.

To request that a keepsake box be sent to a family in the United States, please complete the request form here.

Want to sponsor a keepsake box?


Families have shared that keeping a box with the memories is therapeutic and healing. You can partner with us to sponsor a keepsake box, providing compassion, hope and healing for grieving families as they honor their precious baby(ies). 

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