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In the US, over 22,000 babies are stillborn every year.*  SAILS understands the pain and suffering so many families endure and provides community support services, outreach programs, fundraising opportunities and an advocacy network to help reduce the emotional and financial burdens they encounter throughout their grieving process. 

*Source: Star Legacy Foundation

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SAILS Grief Support

SAILS Grief Support

SAILS offers grief recovery programs to assist parents grieving the loss of their baby. Each of these programs are led by certified Grief Recovery Method Specialists, trained by The Grief Recovery Institute and offer a safe, evidence-based environment for parents to take effective and lasting action. 

SAILS Grief Support

These programs are offered in two different formats, group and one-on-one. Formats are available both online and in person.

Goals of Group Support

+ Brings together parents who are going through or have gone through similar experiences.

+ Conducted in 8-week cycles, following The Grief Recovery Method’s curriculum.

+ Provides an opportunity for parents to share their personal experiences, feelings, and coping strategies.

+ Functions as a bridge between parents’ medical and emotional needs.

+ During the 8 weeks, we will help parents attain the tools that they need to process all their grief-related emotions with the goal being to regain a sense of hope and purpose in life.

Goals of One-on-One Support

+ Offers a 7-meeting format utilizing the same proven materials as the group, just in a more private setting.

Want to participate in grief support?

Our grief support is led by a fellow grieving parent who has been on this journey to healing for at least 5 years. While the support leader doesn’t know exactly how you feel, they can identify with the emotions you feel and the life changes that you have experienced as a result of the loss of your precious baby. 

If you are interested in joining other families on this healing journey, click here.

Want to sponsor a family’s grief support?

Families report that our grief support ensures them that they are not alone on this journey. They feel heard, seen and valued as they are provided a safe space without judgement. 

You can partner with us to provide grieving families with community and a sense of hope .

SAILS Grief Support
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